Discrimination Fails in Washington!

Discrimination Fails in Washington!


We have just heard from the Washington Won’t Discriminate campaign that the dangerous attempt to roll back our non-discrimination laws has FAILED:
For the second time in as many years, Washingtonians have come together to drive discrimination out of our state. Hundreds of businesses – from the very smallest to the very largest in our state – joined together to loudly proclaim that Washington businesses don’t discriminate! Thank you to all the GSBA members and friends who worked so hard on the campaign and among your own communities to affirm the dignity of all people. With other states around the country facing similar measures, let’s make Washington a model for the rest of the United States!
A huge thanks to all those who put so much time and energy into the Washington Won’t Discriminate campaign, particularly campaign chair Seth Kirby.
Our community is strong and resilient, and this is truly a day to celebrate.
For equality,
All your friends at GSBA
Alanna, Amy, Carlos, Cody, Ilona, Jason, Louise, Mark, Matt, Rachel, and Travis

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