In 2017, we trained almost 300 aging, health, & human service providers!


What is different about our training?

Unlike other LGBTQ cultural competency or humility trainings, our training is evidence-based with specific protocols that must be followed. The training is based upon the best science, review of the literature and trainings, and goes beyond mere information sharing. The Generations Aging with Pride (GAP) training uses research, video presentations, group exercises and other interactive sections that support the learning process of adult learners. We offer multiple opportunities for participants to practice new skills, hone existing skills and teach the importance of the impact of language when working with this population.

Our training is divided into three modules:

  • Module 1 Primary Goal -> Sensitize participants to factual, perceptual and emotional reality of aging as an LGBTQ person 
  • Module 2 Primary Goal -> Hone skills on how to engage with clients with intention and positive impact
  • Module 3 Primary Goal -> Tackle assumptions about who your clients are or are not and how to successfully work with clients of diverse backgrounds, practicing with case study examples

Training options:

  • Module 1 (60-75 minutes)
  • Modules 1-3 (3 hours)


Interested in our training?

Please contact Christine at (206) 393-3400 or for more information.