Staff and Instructors



Steven Knipp

Executive Director | Email me!

Steven is the Executive Director of Generations Aging with Pride (GenPRIDE). Steven joined GenPRIDE in July 2018. He resides in Columbia City with his family, and has called Seattle his home for 30 years. Steven is honored to be working with this vibrant and inspired community.



Beatrix Miguelez

Outreach and Communications Manager | Email me!

Jill of many trades, a designer, developer, and multi-craft artist. She is a Cuban American from Miami, FL that has proudly lived on Cap Hill for 5 years. Beatrix loves to engage with her community and represents a hard working younger generation that wants to stand on the shoulders of giants to create a better life for our community members. She manages the website, creates designs for promotions, works on the database, and connects clients with resources. Never one to run away from anything but the cops, Beatrix is a bad mother – shut yo mouth!



Tim Orth

Program and Business Relation Coordinator | Email me!

Born and raised in Portland, Tim worked in the Financial Services industry for over 17 years. More recently, He worked for two local food banks in Seattle, as a Program Manager and in Development. Tim is passionate about equality and opening doors for the under served members of our community. The senior LGBTQ community has unique needs, and Tim is proud to work for an organization that is focused on supporting and enhancing the lives of our elders.




Administrative Coordinator | Email me!

Andy works in finance at GenPRIDE. He loves spending time in Hawaii looking for rainbows, finding creative ways to be frugal, and making people laugh. His diet is specific, but his conversation topics are broad. Interesting facts: Andy drove a fully electric Karmann Ghia convertible in high school, and had a grandpa born in the 1800’s.




Elizabeth Kovar M.A.

Yoga + Stretching Instructor

Elizabeth is a award-winning vegan fitness trainer, author of Finding Om: An Indian Journey of Rickshaws, Chai, Chapattis and Gurus and international freelance writer and fitness presenter for BOSU and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Elizabeth earned a title as PFP Media’s Personal Trainer of the Month November 2016, 2014’s “Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America” and the first recipient of the Stuart R. Givens Fellowship to study yoga in India. Kovar studied yoga in six different countries and lived abroad in Australia (twice), India and Germany. Elizabeth has published over one thousand print and online articles. Elizabeth is the creator of her vegan food and travel blog at: and


Sellyna Ehlers

Zumba Instructor

Sellyna is an avid dancer who believes in the spiritual power of music. Sellyna moved to Seattle in 2012 from Southern California where she spent time working at the University of California, Riverside. She is a UW alum where she majored in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies.


Isabelle Bauman

Rainbow Walk Leader

Isabelle is the newest addition to the GenPRIDE instructors. Positive and active as an excellent leader to our new Rainbow Walks. Isabelle attends University of Washington and gives a lot of her time for community efforts here in Seattle.



Meditation Instructor

Jamie has returned to Seattle recently, after living for several years in Sydney Australia. They have two grown children still living in Sydney and work as a mental health counsellor. Jamie often includes the benefits of meditation with clients. Their own meditation practice began many years ago and that is what inspired her to be able to share it with other people.

Jamie is a certified meditation instructor and has been teaching mindfulness practice and meditation for eight years. They enjoy being outdoors, hiking in the beauty of Seattle and its surroundings, and remaining active, good for the body, mind and soul. Meditation is a method to learn concentration, self awareness, control of your own thoughts and actions. By using mindfulness meditation practice we become aware of the present moment, focus on what needs our attention, and better connect with ourselves, others, and our own environment.



Non Impact Aerobics (NIA)

Nia Moving to Heal class is set apart from other exercise programs by its purpose: turning movement into a therapeutic experience with the intent to feel better. We use movement as medicine to support people with short-term injury, long term trauma, illness, or grief. You will learn tools to take charge and participate in your self-healing by increasing body awareness, learn how to use sensation to track comfort and discomfort, and to choose pleasure as a guide for self-healing. Where most classes stop at the door on the way out, Nia Moving to Heal classes provide the tools to make movement, meditation, and positive perceptions part of everyday living, adding greater meaning and pleasure to your life.

Lisa Browdy has been teaching Nia since 2012 and Yoga since 2017. She is passionate about holistic approaches to physical, mental, and emotional health. She lives in Magnolia with her spouse and her dog, and frets too much about politics.




“Our physical surroundings have changed a lot in the past 100 years. However, our psychological responses to experiences—particularly those experiences that we perceive as negative—have not evolved with the changes in physical surroundings. We still react to emotional stresses in the same way we used to when seeing a ferocious animal hundreds of years back.

Emotional stresses are omni-present in today’s world and our conditioned reactions take a toll on our physical and emotional well-being. Mindfulness is about rewiring these conditional reactions into a more compassionate response made with awareness and acceptance, leading to intentional actions and better choices.

In these classes, we will practice easy/fun ways to cultivate mindfulness for regular day-to-day activities. When practiced regularly, mindfulness gives us tools to unwire our negative reactions and respond better to difficult situations that come up in our lives”.

Trainers and Facilitators


George Dicks


Certified Geriatric Mental Health specialist/Minority Mental Health Specialist for African-Americans for 35 ;in practice at Harborview MHAS; past Chair of Seattle Mayors Council for African-American Elders; recently retired facualty from Edmonds Community College after 25 years; Chair, Advisory Board of UW/Health Promotion Research Center;trainer for DSHS H&CS Cultural Humilty curriculum; past Board member SCS/SM and Seattle Gay Clinic; lived in Seattle since 1978. Speaker at last years, Fabulous Aging Conference in Tukwila last year. Keynote at this year’s African-American Care Givers’ Conference at South Center in Nov 2018.



Kevin O’Brien

Trainer / Presenter / Facilitator

Kevin O’Brien is a consultant, coach, trainer and author. A Brief and Comprehensive Guide to an Engaged Workplace was published in 2017. The focus is employee engagement. He helps leaders with strategy and practices for effective organizations. He optimizes the employee experience through coaching, workshops, team development activities and speaking. He worked as an Organization Adviser at The Boeing Company from 1997 – 2016 and as a counselor, trainer, manager and director in health care for many years prior. Kevin holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan and multiple professional certifications.


Rita Smith

Trainer / Presenter

Rita Smith, a 74-yr-old lesbian elder, has been an LGBTQ community activist for over 40 years. In the 1970’s she served on the Boards of the University YWCA and Lesbian Resource Center (LRC) and was a LRC peer counselor and group facilitator. In the 1980’s she founded Pentacles Partnership, which purchased and managed affordable space for the LRC.

Rita has interviewed political candidates for SEAMEC (Seattle Municipal Elections Committee) for over 30 years, served on the Board of the Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA), chaired the GSBA scholarship program, served on the Safe Schools Coalition and Seattle Commission for Sexual Minorities, and, more recently, on the founding Board for Generations Aging with Pride.

In the workaday world, Rita was a public school teacher/counselor and community education director for recycling and waste prevention before retiring in 2011. She now works as a neighborhood and community activist, prunes urban fruit trees, plays with her grandchildren, and edits college applications for first generation college bound students.


Dan Christopher

Trainer / Presenter

Dan spent most of his 38 years with Puget Sound Energy facilitating training and organizational development. Now he claims a new avocation of socialite and as such he enjoys spending time attending exercise classes, going on day trips, participating in lunches and dinners with friends, and volunteering with Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Lifelong Recreation Program and GenPride! Dan is an amazing asset as a volunteer and trainer, having helped to build out the Eldercare Equity Training for service providers.


Ty Nolan

Trainer / Presenter

Trained as a traditional Native American Storyteller, Ty Nolan has long used legends and ceremony in his work in mental health and education. He is a NY Times bestselling author and is internationally recognized for his work in the field of HIV. He has served as faculty for the University of Washington, The Evergreen State College and the Kinsey Institute. Ty has worked with the National Science Foundation to use Storytelling in encouraging and retaining women and ethnic minority students in STEM fields. He is active in Seattle’s social justice with an emphasis on affordable housing and homelessness.

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