Most LGBTQ People are Cyberbullied. Here’s How to Stay Safe Online

Originally posted by Sarah Turner at  We at vpnMentor conducted a survey in which we asked 695 LGBTQ+ people worldwide about their experiences online as they relate to their sexual orientation and gender identity. The results – referenced throughout this article – illuminated the unique challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community. Here are some of our key findings:+ 73% of all respondents in all categories of gender identity and sexual orientation […]

Seattle LGBTQ Organizations and Periodicals Timeline

Here are brief descriptions of many of Seattle’s LGBTQ civil rights organizations, listed according to the decade of their founding. Kevin McKenna is author and section coordinator. 1960s: The Dorian Society Freedom Socialist Party Queen City Business Guild Radical Women Seattle Counseling Services for Sexual Minorities 1970s: Citizens to Retain Fair Employment Gay Community Center Gay Women’s Alliance Ingersoll Gender Center Lesbian Mothers National Defense […]

How simply moving benefits your mental health

While it is obvious that your feelings can influence your movement, it is not as obvious that your movement can impact your feelings too. For example, when you feel tired and sad, you may move more slowly. When you feel anxious, you may either rush around or become completely paralyzed. But recent studies show that the connection between your brain and your body is a “two-way street” and […]

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