Art Therapy at GenPRIDE

This class is free for all LGBTQIA+ Older Adults, their caregivers, friends, family, and allies. Instructors are dedicated to providing guided art therapy for those seeking community engagement, support, and creative exploration.

This group will be run by two Art Therapy Graduate students, Anna and Danielle, from Antioch University. There will be two blocks of this group, one in summer and one in fall, each with room for 16 members.

Each block will include a 10-week group that will meet once a week for an hour and a half. Each class will have time for art making, with a group discussion to close each session.

The mission of this group is to foster wellness and support by creating a safe space for reflection, creativity, and storytelling. Previous experience making art is not necessary, as we will all be learning and embarking on this journey together. Art within this group will be used as a tool to promote well being and healing, to expand curiosity and creativity, to release and reflect upon one’s experience, as well as to provide a non-verbal form of communication.

Artwork will be made individually and collectively, as we build upon themes from previous weeks.

Danielle and I are so very excited about working with you all and are starting to shape ideas for art therapy.

-Anna & Danielle

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