Write Your Story 

Do you have a story you want to write? 


If so, we want to help you tell it. Memoir author and writing coach Ingrid Ricks will work one-on-one with you to help you identify and structure the story you want to tell. 


From there, she will teach you how to bring your story to life through proven narrative writing techniques. This four-week writing workshop will end with a celebration reading, where you will have the opportunity to share your four to seven page story with your peers. 



Space is limited please RSVP to sign up 


Week 1: Identify and Structure Your Story

In this two-hour workshop, Ingrid will share how she found healing and empowerment by writing and publishing her memoir. Then she will lead you through a powerful exercise

to help you identify the story you want to tell. From there, she will walk you through the three most common story structures and provide examples for each. Following the workshop, Ingrid will offer one-one-one story structure sessions to ensure you know exactly how to tell your story.  


April 20th 10AM – 12PM 

Week 3: Bringing Your Story to Life – Part 2 

In this two hour workshop, Ingrid will pick up where she left off from the week before and will lead you through the following

writing exercises: The Secrets to Effective Dialogue, Writing an Active Setting, and Showing vs. Telling Your Story. Following the workshop, Ingrid will be on hand for several hours to meet with anyone who needs help

developing their story.


May 4th 10AM – 12PM 

Week 2: Bring Your Story to Life – Part 1

In this two-hour workshop, Ingrid will lead you through three writing exercises to get your creative juices flowing and help you bring your story to life: Write an Opening that Grabs, Character Development, and Bringing Emotions to Life. Following the workshop,

Ingrid will provide individual coaching for anyone who needs assistance kick-starting their story.


April 27th 10AM – 12PM 

Week 4: Finish Writing Your Story/Celebration Reading

Ingrid will spend the first four hours providing coaching assistance to anyone who needs help wrapping up their story. This session will be followed by a two-hour celebration and author

reading. NOTE: Following the celebration, we will hold a short info meeting for anyone interested in publishing their story in our anthology that will be published in the fall.


May 11th 10AM – 12PM

About Ingrid Ricks 

 Ingrid Ricks is a New York Times bestselling memoir author, book coach, narrative writing consultant and founder of Write It Out Loud, a program that fosters healing and empowerment through personal narrative. Her books include the coming-of-age memoir, Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story, and Focus, a memoir about her journey with the blinding eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. She has also ghostwritten several memoirs.   Along with writing, Ingrid is passionate about social justice issues and about leveraging narrative writing and the new world of publishing to give both teens and adults a voice. She has helped more than 1,500 students of every age find healing and empowerment by writing their stories, and has produced seven teen anthologies in partnership with high schools in both Utah and Washington. She has presented her narrative writing workshops for numerous schools and organizations.  For more information, visit www.ingridricks.com or her program website, www.writeitoutloud.org. 

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